Georgian Wine Brands

Georgian Wine Country is a proud partner of Koncho & Co. of Republic of Georgia.
Georgian wine country and Koncho & Company winery management agreed to produce for the USA market
the highest quality wines.

The winery produces 3 levels of wines for different world markets. From former soviet union republics, Asian markets, European and North American markets.

USA market has received the permit to market it’s wines under the Koncho & co. brand. The brand, most recognized by the black sheep symbol on the front label of the wine is the highest quality wine from the winery.

Georgian Wine Country guarantees 100% authentic Georgian Wine, untouched, un-tempered and optimal temperature kept products. We will be offering most of the famous wines coming out of Republic of Georgia, such as Kindzmarauli semi-sweet red wine, Mukuzani Red Wine, Alazani Valley red wine, Saperavi red wine. In the white wine category we sell Kisi Semi sweet white wine, Mtsvane (green) and other variation of wines.

All wines from Koncho & Co. are Estate Bottled and under one company supervision from cultivation to bottling, storing and shipping.
We hope you will enjoy our wine selection.

Thank You
Georgian Wine Country