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It is known that Georgian wines date back 8000 years of continued sustained wine making. Many publication including Forbes, Bloomberg, Inc. and others praise Georgian Wines, their unique taste and aroma and how very different they are from other world wines.

Georgian Wine Country, located in New York state was established out of necessity. The owner and some management staff are of Georgian origin with strong ties to Georgian culture, foods and of course, Georgian wine.

The company, located out of New York City, provides fast and easy logistical channel to wine needs of lower New York state and rest of the country.  We have seen a lake of genuine Georgian wines, lake of trust in the current Georgian wines in the market as fakes and loss of wine lovers in Georgian wines.

Georgian Wine Country made its target to re-introduce 100% authentic Kakheti region wines to the US market. We guarantee authenticity of each and every bottle that leaves our warehouse.  Our wines are all Estate bottled controlled by Kindzmarauli corporation of Kvareli, in Kakheti region of Georgia.

The winery owns the vineyards, water and electrical supply it needs for 100% of its wine production.
The history of the cellar dates back to year 1533, along with the building of well-known Castle of Kvareli, where by that time, a royal family lived and made wine. Since this historical land and cellar were founded it has received more than 150 domestic and international awards, among them gold, platinum and diamond prizes gained on summits in New York, Paris, Berlin and Vienna.
The cellar continuously improves production methods while staying true the traditions of fine Georgian wine making and standards. Our wines are the highest quality Koncho & Co. is producing.

Our unique label created with a black sheep on its face.  The sheep has a very interesting story connecting the fate of Kvareli Castle and the winery. (going back hundreds of years)

It is our goal at Georgian Wine Country to keep our quality of wine and hold it to highest standards, creating for Georgian Wine consumer a trusted brand and gift value.

We are in process of creating a gift value of all the products we import, this means that all our wines will soon come with gift boxes, wine and black sheep stories from www.koncho.ge website. We feel that drinking of Georgians wine is not just about the wine, it’s the culture that makes it a great experience.
immersing yourself in the drinking experience of Kakheti region wines. It truly is a experience.

If you find the time, please see more videos about Georgian wines, Georgian life style at www.youtube.com. You will be pleased and more so, connected to the story of the wine.

We hope you will enjoy our wines and joint our joy and pride in these wines. Discover Georgia by it’s wines and wine tours of Kakheti region. Many international companies are now arranging wine region tours where you can enjoy Goegian organic foods, wine tastings and fresh air from the caucuses mountains.

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